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Deia Fotografia

Various local photographers display their creative development in digital imagery.


German citizen and frequent visitor to Mallorca over many years.  Has photographed a wide range of local artists over the many years that he has lived in Deia.

Oli Lynton

Deiá/Mallorca resident on and off since 1962

Re-entered the world of photography after spending a couple of decades working
with vulnerable people in both Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Principally a documentary
photographer my style can be loosely defined as street, travel and portraiture. Much of my
work has been for charity as I am a passionate about Human Rights.

Publications include: Time Out, Black & White Photography Magazine and Red Pepper.

Commissions include: Child Rescue Kenya, Zaytoun (Palestine), Roman Road Trust,
International Childcare Trust and Carers Lewisham

Formal training: Image Capture & Photojournalism (City & Guilds) + Short Film Creation
(St Martins).

Anke del Negro

Munich University, Bayrische Staatslehranstalt fur Photografie

Experimental colour photography, Madrid

International work in galleries, catalogues, and magazines.

Dean Freeman

A Commercial director and world-renowned photographer, Dean Freeman is a practitioner of performance-driven filmmaking. A master of imagery and pursuer of perfection in every frame, Dean’s ability to produce engaging, nuanced performances has earned him a reputation as a pre-eminent contemporary iconographer.

Lifestyle and fashion are in Dean's DNA. His father Robert Freeman shot the first five album covers for The Beatles, and so at just sixteen years old Dean followed in his footsteps - leaving school to pursue his passion for storytelling through whatever means possible.

He divides his time between Barcelona, London and Los Angeles.

Ondine Perret

Ondine Perret was a true product of the 1970’s Deià foreign community. She traveled extensively and lived in many places, but always considered Deià her home base. Born in Siena, Italy to a Chinese mother and Swiss father, she came to live in Deià at age five. She was a meticulous, contemplative person with a surprisingly spontaneous laugh.

In 1980, Ondine was living in New York City with her mother when an uncle deposited a full dark room set in their apartment. With classic zeal and signature determination, Ondine set out to learn photography. Her interest in photography did not eclipse her love for music. Ondine studied at the Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Art and Music and later at Hunter College where she became interested in dance. In 1985, Ondine moved to Paris to study at the Centre Internacional de Danse de Paris. Upon graduating from Paris, Ondine returned to Deià to start a variety of dance programs. She later moved to Madrid where she worked for 10 y 10 Danza Company as a dancer and administrator until 2004 when she would once again, return to Deià. Health issues precluded dancing so she again turned to photography and violin.

In 2006 Ondine would visit her mother’s home country, China, for the first time. The trip had a profound effect on Ondine and she blossomed. What followed was a torrent of creativity. She won 3rd prize in the 2008 Beijing International Photo Competition, studied Chinese calligraphy and started playing the violin with real fervor. She started lessons with Leah Wolfe-Garcia who writes, “Ondine and I began to work together in 2009. I had had adult students, but she was in a different league. It was a challenge and a joy to work with her because she always took on ever more challenging pieces”

In 2010, Ondine and her mother, Mei Wah opened Sa Cova, a Chinese homecooking restaurant which served as a venue for Ondine's work and the work of others. About four years after opening, Ondine was diagnosed with cancer. She fought with complete and characteristic zeal always presenting a positive outlook and continuing to create. “Her violin became a light in the darkness and a constant inspiration.” (Leah Wolfe-Garcia) She played more than ever and reserved J.S. Bach’s Chaconne as her ultimate goal. She finally succumbed on July 6 to the aggressive illness, but she was so widely loved in the village that her presence remains. Her beloved violin will find a home in a foundation in Palma.

Ondine walked a slow, measured, pace as if marking time to a gentle violin piece or recalling every detail of a photo. Her quizzical expression always left you wondering what new plot was hatching behind her patient, intelligent eyes.

By Amanda de Maria

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