The Writers Walk

14:00 - 18:00 (todos los dias)

Deià 19 Writers Walk

During the weekend you can explore the hidden nooks and crannies of Deià with our writer's walk. At each spot on the map you can stop and listen to a reading from one of our Deià writers. Some are recordings of the writer speaking, some are readings by others. The writers represent a cross section of the prose and poetry of Deià.

Each recording is on a loop with a few minutes between each performance.

Our Writers

Robert Graves

Poet and author Robert Graves (1895-1985) lived in Deià, Mallorca, from 1929 until his death. He is buried under a great cypress tree in the lovely churchyard next to the church.

He was a central figure in the artistic and cultural scene and the prime motivator for many artists and writers to choose Deia as either their home or occasional residence.

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    Poet & Novelist

Brian Patten

Brian Patten is an English poet and author. He came to prominence in the 1960’s as one of the “Liverpool poets”.
Patten was born in Bootle, England near the Liverpool docks. He attended Sefton Park School in the Smithdown Road area of Liverpool where his poetic writing was encouraged. He left school at 15 and began work for the Bootle Times writing a column on popular music. Together with the other two Liverpool poets, Roger McGough and Adrian Henri, Patten published “The Mersey Sound” in 1967. One of the best-selling poetry anthologies of modern times. He was awarded the Freedom of the City of Liverpool in 2001.

Brian Patten es un poeta y autor inglés. Llegó a la fama en la década de 1960 como uno de los "poetas de Liverpool".
Patten nació en Bootle, Inglaterra, cerca de los muelles de Liverpool. Asistió a la escuela Sefton Park en el área de Smithdown Road de Liverpool, donde se alentó su escritura poética. Dejó la escuela a los 15 años y comenzó a trabajar para el Bootle Times escribiendo una columna sobre música popular. Junto con los otros dos poetas de Liverpool, Roger McGough y Adrian Henri, Patten publicó "The Mersey Sound" en 1967. Una de las antologías de poesía más vendidas de los tiempos modernos. Fue galardonado con la Libertad de la Ciudad de Liverpool en 2001.

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Roger McGough

Roger Joseph McGough CBE, FRSL (/məˈɡɒf/; born 9 November 1937) is an English poet, performance poet, broadcaster, children's author and playwright. He presents the BBC Radio 4 programme Poetry Please, as well as performing his own poetry.

Roger was and is a frequent visitor to Deia and a stalwart of the Deia poetry scene with colleague Brian Patten.

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Nicole d'Amonvile

Nicole d'Amonville Alegría is a poet, editor and literary translator. She was born in El Salvador, and grew up in Deià. She then lived in Barcelona, Paris and London, and has travelled widely across America, Africa, Europe and Asia. In 1992, she obtained her M. A. at the Sorbonne with her paper on Ramon Llull. She returned to Mallorca in 2010, after working as a publisher in Barcelona for 11 years, and has since made her home in Palma.  She is of multiple nationalities, but writes in Spanish. Her translations of Dickinson's letters were selected by 'El País' as one of the 10 best books published in 2009. She has written a libretto on Ramon Llull, Foll d’amor, for the Spanish composer Alberto García-Demestres. She has published two collections of poems: Estaciones (Cafè Central) and Acanto (Lumen), as well as poems in literary magazines in Spain, France, and Mexico. She has participated in literary festivals and has given workshops and lectures on authors such as Agustí Bartra, Robert Graves, Paul Bowles and Emily Dickinson.

Nicole d'Amonville Alegría es poeta, editora y traductora literaria. Nació en El Salvador, y creció en Deiá. Luego vivió en Barcelona, París y Londres, y ha viajado ampliamente a través de América, Africa, Europa y Asia. En 1992, obtuvo su M. A. en la Sorbona con su trabajo sobre Ramon Llull. Regresó a Mallorca en 2010, después de trabajar como editora en Barcelona durante 11 años, y desde entonces ha hecho su hogar en Palma. Es de múltiples nacionalidades, pero escribe en español. 

Sus traducciones de las cartas de Dickinson fueron seleccionadas por 'El País' como uno de los 10 mejores libros publicados en 2009. Ha escrito un libreto sobre Ramon Llull, Foll d'amor, para el compositor español Alberto García-Demestres. Ha publicado dos colecciones de poemas: Estaciones y Acanto (Lumen), así como poemas en revistas literarias de España, Francia y México

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W.S. Merwin

William Merwin was an American poet who visited Deià in the 1950s and acted as tutor to the children of Robert Graves. Before his death in 2019, he was recognised as America's pre-eminent poet. His style was elliptical and un-punctuated with an intensity and a unique poetic compression.

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    Beside Can Fusimany

Claribel Alegria

Clara Isabel Alegría Vides, also known by her pseudonym Claribel Alegría, was a Nicaraguan-Salvadoran poet, essayist, novelist, and journalist who was a major voice in the literature of contemporary Central America. She was awarded the 2006 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. She moved to Deia in 1969 and stayed for over a decade.

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Lady June

June Campbell Cramer, better known as Lady June, was an English painter, poet and musician. She was associated with the Canterbury scene and recorded two albums. She exhibited and performed her works in several countries, often combining her painting, poetry and music into multimedia presentations. She died in Deia in 1999.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a titan of world literature and a crucial figure in Latin & South American literature. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for his masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

He was a visitor to Deia staying with Claribel. It was in Deia that he was persuaded to take the inspiration of his many short stories and create a longer narrative. That longer chronicle became One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Our featured recording is Marquez's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, which is a wonderful review of South American stories and history. It is long, but beautiful. Sit back and enjoy

Ronnie Wathen

After Ronnie’s death he was described as a true renaissance man: he was a mountaineer, poet and pipe player as well as husband and father. He was widely read with friends that encompassed all of his passions and included Robert Graves in Deia and R.D. Laing, the famous psychologist. He published a number of books of poetry that are difficult to find. Here we showcase two poems read by his daughter, Sunna. His poetry is light and easily understood. He was a popular poet who liked his poetry to be easily understood and to be enjoyed.